Cover Stian 2


The path of most resistance probably leads somewhere interesting. From his base in Switzerland, Stian spends time grooming his own taste. Come decision time he’ll intuitively know what the right thing is. 

In such a subjective and foresightful field as fashion, that makes a lot of sense. But let’s not put labels on things just yet. Stian isn’t all too concerned with the need to define whether he's shooting fashion, documentary or portraits. Stian considers himself a tourist in terms of photographic styles, with a keen interest in all processes and equipment. Now, that’s a little humble in our opinion. But his attitude certainly pays off. To Stian, photography is a fully immersed process. 

Everything and nothing that surrounds him somehow takes part in it. A seasoned photographer is able to manipulate the circumstances depending on what he or she wants to achieve. It starts and stops with taste, and a whole lot of incremental decisions in between. Like any relationship – it’s complicated. If it ever gets out of hand, he’ll sleepwalk into the garage to blow-dry his hair with an electric drill.